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Saga Diary

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Saga Diary is a secure personal Diary / Journal app. You can write down your personal life saga in it. Taking notes is very easy in Saga Diary and it provides very efficient search and navigation.Saga means a narrative of achievements and events in the history of a personage, family, etc.
FEATURES:- Take notes of your personal life saga. - You can add/update/delete diary entries easily.- You can secure your diary using a PIN (password protected for privacy)- Special Tablet specific interfaces for usability.- Provides very efficient Search on diary entries. - You can search based on wildcards like '*'- Provides search history.- Take notes with voice dictation (Speech to text)- Easy navigation through entries.- Unlimited number of entries.- View diary entries based on date ranges (using filters)- Sorting the entries based on dates.- Auto save the notes.- Send the diary entries in email.- Store addresses, links and phone numbers (in-built support to launch maps, browser and dialer by a single click).- Export the diary entries to several formats like plain text, csv (MS Excel can open these files) and XML.- Single click backup- Restore diary entries from backup files.
Check the Saga Diary Web Site for the explanation of PERMISSIONS used in this app.
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Please email us if you have any issues or questions, we will answer as soon as possible. You can use "Email Developer" link below. Its not currently possible in Google play to reply back or help you, if you write your questions in the comments/review section. You can also post your questions in the above forum.